Amenity Penzion Horní Věstonice

Enjoy the beauty of Pálava to the maximum and stay at Amenity Penzion Horní Věstonice, which will provide you with everything you expect from accommodation.

Guests will appreciate the outdoor pool and the extensive garden offers plenty of leisure activities.

Activities in the area

The Pálava region is listed among the UNESCO monuments as the largest park landscape in the world. It offers a wide range of activities – boating, horseback riding, cycling, or even carriage or ice skating. A wine cellar awaits wine lovers on every corner. Lovers can explore the romantic colonnades and castles hidden in the woods, climb the cliffs of Pálava or laze in the spa.

In the middle of the flat landscape of Pálava, the Pálavské vrchy rise, offering a panoramic view of the whole of South Moravia. Discover exceptional views of the ruins of Dívčí hrady, Sirotčí hradek, from the spiral lookout tower in Kobylí, from Svaté kopeček in Mikulov, the Mandloňová lookout tower near Hustopečí, the colonnade at Reistná nad Valticemi or from the chapel at Hradišťek in Velké Bílovice.

We recommend walking through the photogenic lavender farm in Starovičky, exploring all the beauties of the Lednice-Valtice area and the Lednice Castle park up to the legendary Minaret. If you are drawn to the water, direct it to the Novomlýn reservoirs with the island church of St. Linharta, the only remnant of the extinct village of Mušov. Children will love you if you go together on slides, toboggans and other water attractions in Aqualand Moravia.

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